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Bookings now open for January and February Cooking Classes! : The Good Soup

Bookings now open for January and February Cooking Classes!

Dates and times are finalised and I’m madly preparing recipes, sourcing ingredients and serving up endless meals of tofu and tempeh to my family (not to mention cherry jam) JUST so I can bring you the most honed and informed cooking classes I can. If you have any doubts that my earnestness might not pay off, perhaps you’ll take a look at some of the kind words I’ve been receiving from previous students (thank you, all of you- you’ve invigorated me!) And yes I’m blowing my own horn, yes I’m proud. I’ve worked really hard at these classes and your enjoyment and learning is paramount to my happiness, so yes, I’m happy!! Here’s a photo of Oliver and I looking

maybe not exactly happy, but kind a content. Maybe that’s how I feel, yes. content… and a little contorted. but that’s my issue, don’t worry about that.

Now, onto the classes! there’s already quite a few students for each of the classes, so if you’re interested, call Taste soon. Their newsletter with the class details hasn’t gone out yet, so it’s a good time to call. Hope to see some of you there. xx

All ingredients for the classes are organic, seasonal and otherwise ethically sourced wherever possible. Animal products are ALWAYS organic and free range. In the fruit department: if I can’t find a superior organic fruit (sometimes very difficult to source), I will find excellent conventionally grown alternatives.

Each class is 2 ½ hours in duration, during the class we’ll be sampling lots of food, and anything made will get divvied between the students. Class numbers are strictly limited so that students receive as much hands on tuition as possible.

Making Preserves from Stones: apricot, nectarine, peach, plum and cherry jams

Stone fruits make extra special jams, particularly if you: use low levels of sugar; are really careful about their setting points; and add subtle flavour companions like elderflower, vanilla and even the fruits’ own kernels. We’ll make three jams out of stone fruits and then have a play: spooning them into the bases of tarts; rolling them into scones; and adding them to some breakfast treats. Some of the jam possibilities (which ones we settle on will depend on what’s screamingly fresh at the farmers’ markets)white nectarine jam with elderflower; Royal Blenheim apricot jam; Santa Rosa plum jam with rhubarb and sour cherries; white cherry and peach jam.
  • Class Date: Sunday, 22nd January, 2 1/2 hours, noon until 2:30pm
  • Place: Taste, for the love of cooking, 6 James Street, Fortitude Valley
  • To Book: Phone Taste on (07) 3252 1022
  • Class Cost: $115*
*Please bring your own small jars, if you’d like to take some jam home with you.

Learning from the Soy Bean Masters: tofu and tempeh dishes from Indonesian, Japan and the Sichuan Provence (entirely suitable for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans)

The first step in becoming a soy bean lover is to avoid all recipes that use them as substitutes for meat. Tofu lasagne, tempeh casserole and tofu smoothies send prospective-soy-loving-omnivores running for their meaty shelters. The second step is to turn to the masters. Indonesian, Japanese and Sichuanese cooks have been using soy bean based ingredients for centuries, celebrating their unique qualities rather than making them apologies for meat. In this class – the first in a series I’ll offer in 2012 celebrating authentic vegetarian dishes – we’ll make a tofu from scratch (a tofu that will blow all other beancurds out of their slightly rancid water baths!); we’ll experiment with the fermented delights of tempeh; and we’ll use both in a series of dishes from the soy bean masters. What we’ll cook: tempe bacem (twice cooked tempeh); rendang tempe (tempeh cooked using the rendang method); agedashi-dofu (deep fried tofu); moyashi to usu age no gomamiso-ae (tofu with bean shoots); dou hua mian (spicy noodles with flower tofu).
  • Class Date: Saturday, 4th February, 2 1/2 hours, noon until 2:30pm
  • Place: Taste, for the love of cooking, 6 James Street, Fortitude Valley
  • To Book: Phone Taste on (07) 3252 1022
  • Class Cost: $115


List of previous classes, which will come around again in 2012.


  1. Magic of Spice
    January 6, 2012 at 8:02 pm | | Reply

    I love that picture of you and Oliver…adorable!
    I am sure these next classes will be equally a hit for you, wish I lived closer :)

  2. Kitchen Belleicious
    January 7, 2012 at 1:40 pm | | Reply

    Boy I wish I could join you in these classes! I am sure they are so awesome- i would learn so much

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