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Updated and Improved Step by Step to Jam Making : The Good Soup

Updated and Improved Step by Step to Jam Making

I’ve been meaning to update this basic skill for a while. Now, with my Stone Fruit Jams Cooking Class waving at me from tomorrow, with a tonne of patient plums piled on the floor beside me, with another tonne of nectarines shedding their flavours into a syrupy sugar, with pate sablé ready to roll into pastry shells, butter to be rubbed into scones, rough puff to be filled with jam and fruit, steamed jam pudding to be tested and plum crumble slice to be made, I thought now was a good time to update my jam post.



  1. Caffettiera
    January 23, 2012 at 11:37 am | | Reply

    Much appreciated, thank you :)

  2. Kitchen Belleicious
    January 23, 2012 at 2:38 pm | | Reply

    saving this one in my files- great step by step instructions!

  3. Magic of Spice
    January 24, 2012 at 5:51 pm | | Reply

    Will check out the update :)

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