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Marmalades and Fruit Butters: making the most of citrus and pommes : The Good Soup

Marmalades and Fruit Butters: making the most of citrus and pommes

Class Details for Marmalades and Fruit Butters

This class is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and meat eaters alike.
  • When: Saturday 6th October 2012, noon-2:30pm
  • Where: Taste, 6 James Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
  • Cost: $79
  • Booking: call (07) 3103 7625 or email angela (at) thegoodsoup.com

Apples, pears, quinces and all types of citrus lend themselves to some very special sweet preserves. All of them are slow to make, but the results are the colour of jewels, and each carries the crystal clear qualities of our favourite winter-spring fruits. In this class, we’ll learn to make four different preserves, all of them related, but very distinct.

Preserves we’ll make

All ingredients are seasonal, organic and otherwise ethically sourced whenever possible. However, if I can’t find superior organic fruit, I will use conventionally grown alternatives.
  • Meyer lemon marmalade with mandarins and lavender
  • English three fruit marmalade
  • Quince marmalade with ginger
  • Braeburn apple butter
Please note, the specific preserves we make may change depending on seasonal availability of ingredients.


  1. Laurene
    September 4, 2012 at 6:13 am | | Reply

    Hi Angela – I’d love to attend this workshop on preserving fruits but can’t attend that date. Can you add me to your email list for any other dates that might come up? Thanks very much. Laurene

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