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Testimonials : The Good Soup


Kind Words from My Students

  • “Thank you for the chance to have such a fantastic afternoon. I really enjoyed it and learnt heaps. It’s really inspiring to see your enthusiasm, skill and love of what you do… it’s infectious.”
  • “It’s difficult to find classes that focus on vegetarian foods and this one is a winner! The techniques for making tofu and the related dishes were clearly explained in a lively and fun atmosphere. And the food was delicious! The handouts are clearly written so I can remember what to do at home. I’d take another class from Angela in a heartbeat….if only I lived in Brisbane!” Mary Lu Breshears, Tucson, Arizona USA
  • “Ange, your jam class was sensational. Your method made the best jam ever. Crushing the pips to cook the kernels…who’dda thought? Thanks so much for opening my eyes to the real thing!”
  • “Thanks again for yet another excellent class. You give so much energy and info- as a participant it makes for exceptional classes.”
  • “I woke very early this morning, and do you know what was on my mind?  Jam!  I wanted to write and thank you for the class yesterday.  It was wonderful, I learnt a lot, and best of all I got to take home several miraculous jars, one of which (‘plain’ plum) was opened at 5 this morning to slather on Sol rye bread toast – perfect.”
  • “I absolutely loved your Turkey class and am following your instructions for my Christmas turkey, as well as preparing your beautiful salads. Thank you.”
  • “I can’t begin to tell you what a joy you and your food has been in our lives. I thank you so warmly, and from every taste bud of my being. You’re an artist. And the most graceful person I know. (You turn everything to honey!)”
  • “I would love to attend the Tofu and Tempeh class in February. I’ve been following your blog from London and am so pleased that now that I am in Brisbane there is a class that I can attend.”
  • “Thank you for a most enjoyable Turkey cooking class. Cant wait for your next class. Love the afternoon format.”
  • “Angela thank you some much for the wonderful lesson on Turkey Cooking. Not only did I learn much it was also very enjoyable. I’m about to look on your web/blog. Look forward to another lesson soon!”
  • “Thank you for a lovely afternoon in the Taste kitchen Angela. You must be exhausted –  Loved your cooking, beautiful food, so talented. Look forward to having a go at your recipes for xmas – learned so much.”
  • “I wanted to let you know I thought your class was wonderfully packed full of information, and the pickles are delicious.”

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