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Red Braised Turkey Breast : The Good Soup

Red Braised Turkey Breast
  • Dairy Free

This is one of the tastiest ways I’ve prepared turkey. It’s succulent and savoury and sweet, and I’m sure the students in my turkey cooking class will concur, the strong soy and caramel flavours of the Chinese Master Stock in which the breast is braised are perfect pairings for the slight gamey-ness of the turkey.

Serve this breast with an Asian coleslaw (recipe to come), steamed rice and fresh mangoes for dessert. It’s the ideal low key summery Christmas lunch for us Australians. And if you’re sitting inside with a gail blowing or snowflakes falling, join us in some Asian fusion anyway and imagine us making do with the beach this Sunday, trying not to imagine you having snow ball fights and drinking egg nog.

Red Braised Turkey Breast

Recipe adapted for use with Christine Manfield’s Chinese Master Stock recipe, Spice, p.339
  • 1 Quantity Chinese Master Stock
  • 1 x 550g single free range organic turkey breast, skin on (or use two turkey breasts and increase the stock amount by half again)

Add turkey breast to stock and bring back to a very low simmer. Place a bowl or plate onto of the turkey breast, if necessary, to keep it submerged. Simmer for 6 minutes, making sure that the stock never reaches a rolling boil. After these 6 minutes, remove from heat and stand in liquid until cooked through, 1 ½ hours. The stock will still be quite hot.

Remove the breast with tongs and slice it into thick pieces on a chopping board. Serve with an Asian coleslaw (recipe to come), steamed rice, and a sprinkle of Chinese Spice Salt.


  1. Kitchen Belleicious
    December 19, 2011 at 1:34 pm | | Reply

    Love this turkey breast. I have got to do that stock recipe to keep around all year long

  2. Magic of Spice
    December 21, 2011 at 12:07 am | | Reply

    It gives the breast such a wonderful color…beautiful!

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